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Fossil Island, Ancient Wyvern Shield, Bank rework, Real D...
12 Sep 2017

Fossil Island

The items that you can obtain from the Fossil Island have been implemented.


Due to an urgent matter in the core of the server I decided to split the update and postponed the release of the Fossil Island.
The arrival of the Fossil Island including the caves, Wyvern monsters and the Deranged archealogist is near.
Due the split I decided to put the Fossil Island items in the Sponsor store so you can use them before they are obtainable through the corresponding monsters.

The Ancient Wyvern shield

The Ancient Wyvern Shield is a strong, defensive and offensive shield for Magic. It provides defensive stats similar to those of a charged Dragonfire Shield.

It requires level 75 Defence and level 70 Magic to equip. It renders the wielder immune to Wyvern freezing attacks and has limited protection from dragon fire.
When activated, the shield lets out a Wyvern-like attack and its stats are lowered accordingly. This attack has a chance of freezing the target.


Granite boots

One of the new, unique drops from the Wyverns (both normal and ancient) found on Fossil Island is Granite Boots.
They require level 50 Defence and Strength to equip, offering strength bonus and defensive stats superior to Rune Boots.


Granite Longsword

Requiring level 50 Attack and Strength to equip, the Granite Longsword would sit as the best slash weapon for players with level 50 to 60 attack.


Bank system

  • Bank system has been rewritten to react much faster on lengthy operations.
  • The Search option fully works now.
  • The Swap and Insert option work now.
  • Withdraw-All-but-1 added and Withdraw-X now remembers the amount you entered e.g. it will show Withdraw-95 if you entered 95.

Cape Mystery box

The cape store has been removed therefore we have found an alternative way of rewarding the capes including the INFERNAL CAPE.
That's right, the infernal cape is also in the Cape Mystery box, besides the normal skillcapes you can also obtain the following from the box:
Farming cape, Runecrapt cape, Quest cape both trimmed and untrimmed including the Infernal cape.


Misc. updates:

  • The real OSRS Dragon Claws special has been added which has 4 types:
  • PID system is back where your splat appears one tick faster if you have PID.
  • We have added a Ring store where you can buy and sell all of your rings, berserkers etc.
  • Dragonfire shield, Anti-dragon shield and the Ancient wyvern shield will now protect you from the fire of the dragon bolts.
  • You may now dice, flower poker and create a Blackjack table wherever you want without limitations.
  • The 12.000 (Sponsor) Point scroll has been removed and replaced with a 2.500 Point scroll.
  • The tutorial for newcomers has been redone and the guide NPC who rewards for validating your email has been moved to a more appropiate place.
  • Newcomers will now receive a volcanic whip upon login which lasts for 5000 hits instead of a death.
  • Locito rolls have been removed


  • Replaced the Zerker Max strength tournament type with F2P tournament type.
  • The tournament-opening fee has been upped to 1B gp and 2.500 Point scroll, this is to reduce the amount of tournaments that get force-started.
  • Vengeance would sometimes not trigger in tournaments, this has been patched.
  • You will now see that you can use the new prayers in the tournaments, before it wouldn't highlight for players who didn't have it outside of tournaments.
  • You can no longer pick up items that were dropped before a new round started.
  • You can no longer do animations whilst you are a ghost.


  • You will now receive 2 vote points for voting at runelocus making it a total of 5 vote points for voting on all toplists.
  • Removed the 100 Vote Points ticket and replaced it with a 5 Vote Points one.
  • A tournament poll will now start after 75 votes instead of 100.


Items with barely any value left

  • Wiped all Blackjack tables and you have been funded with 10M (eco price = 5M) in return.
  • Wiped all Dice bags and you have been funded with 10M (eco price = 5M) in return.
  • Wiped all Santa hats and you have been funded with 10M (eco price = 5M) in return.
  • Wiped all Dragonfire shields and you have been funded with 10M (eco price = 5M) in return.
  • Wiped all Skill capes and they have been refunded with the original store price.

Mystery box rework (FINALLY)


That's right, it's finally worth opening those damn boxes you get from donating, killing people or voting.
The following items can be looted through the mystery box items.
You can view it here










06-09-17: RWT Bond change & Tournament patches
06 Sep 2017

RWT Bonds
Two weeks in, into the update of being able to RWT on LocoPK things are going well.




But.. As everyone is noticing due to the high amount of suppliers the price is decreasing day by day.
That's because a RWT Bond just costs 500M LocoPK, 1.250 points in the Sponsor store, that means?
Well that means it's way too easy accessible and way too easy to cash-out, players would be low-bidding everyone else to sell their RWT Bond a bit quicker.


Therefore I have came up with an idea to decrease the supply by making the price higher for a RWT Bond.
First it was 1.250 points in the Sponsor Points store for 1.000 Points upon tear and a Mystery Box, I have replaced this with a new RWT Bond which rewards 5.000 points.


The RWT Bond (5.000) can be bought in the Sponsor Points store for 6.000 points, all RWT Bonds that existed have been refunded for the economy price of 500M.



Other updates

  • You can now use the Raid/New prayers in Tournaments even when you don't have access so it's not unfair.
  • A bug where a tournament would end without even starting has been patched.
  • The round timers wouldn't work properly for viewers(ghosts), now updates correctly.
  • Vengeance now works in a Tournament.
  • Tentacle whip will not break anymore if you are in a Tournament or in the Duel Arena.
  • The round timer at 'Main NH' has been increased to 10 minutes from 5.
05-09-17: Tournaments, Gambling clanchat, Dragon Claws...
05 Sep 2017


A fully automatic system for tournaments has been introduced, every 4 hours the server will host a tournament.


We have 10 different tournament types supported as of now.

  • Main NH Tournament
  • Pure NH Tournament
  • Hybrid Tournament
  • War for Mains
  • War for Pures
  • Dharok Tournament
  • Max Strength Tournament
  • No Armour Tournament
  • Zerker Strength Tournament
  • Zerker Hybrid Tournament

These tournament types will be automaticly picked along with 4 clanwars maps every 4 hours.
However the tournament can also be force-started by sacrificing a RWT Bond on the Tournament Hoster AND upon 100 vote-casts there will be an automatic server poll which launches the tournament based on your vote.
The tournament system is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to killing or winning the tournament.


Every type except for the wars are based on rounds, after everyone has killed his opponent a new round will be started.
You will be given a 20 second preparation time per round, after being killed you will be added as a viewer (Ghost) where you are invisible to the active players.
For now the reward per game has it's own set value which is 300M although there is a possibility I will add a 'Pot' where players can fund items for a bigger reward.



Gambling clanchat
We have introduced a central clanchat for Gambling, the clanchat is 'Gambling'.


The introduction of personal gambling clanchats never really broke through, the activity for gambling activities next to staking was decreasing daily.
Therefore we have replaced the system with one clanchat, the Gambler Rank NPC will sell you a rank at ::cw.

  • General: 2B gp
  • Corporal: 1.5B gp
  • Lieutenant: 1B gp
  • Sergeant: 500M gp
  • Corporeal: 250M gp
  • Recruit: 100M gp

Have you been scammed? Report a player - do you want to vouch for a trusted gambler? Leave a vouch

All previous gambling clanchat owners will receive 500M gp as a refund.


Other updates

  • All Dragon Claws have been wiped and refunded with a better price than the economy value, 160M instead of 140M. They have also been removed from the Weapon and PK store.
  • A Box of Health has been added to Edgeville and Edgeville PVP, this recharges the special attack of non-donators every 5 minutes and for donators every 3 minutes.
  • The freeze and vengeance bar have been made transparent.
  • The Mage Arena teleport-in lever now checks whether you are teleblocked.
  • The granite maul now works exactly like OSRS.
  • Multi line north of King Black Dragon has been corrected
  • The Ardougne and Edgeville lever to deep wilderness now puts you 1 tile north-east of the lever like OSRS.



22-08-2017: RWT Bond & Deep Wilderness
22 Aug 2017

  • The RWT Bond has been introduced, are you rich ingame and want to sell a bit of your wealth to gain OSRS wealth or vice versa? Read more:
  • The quest tab has been redone to fit the profile tab and quick actions in one screen.
  • Removed the first spawn location of the Loco Toro, the first one is north of ports now, second kraken and third resource arena.
  • Added support for 'common' (semi-rare) drops, for example:
  • Added Ancestral set and Kodai wand to the drop table of Battle Mages.
  • Added Amulet of torture to the drop table of Hellhounds.
  • Upon a hit where you opponent dies it will now show the full hitsplat instead of showing the left-over hitpoints of your opponent.
  • You can no longer put spawnable items into the trade, stake, dice screen.

Clan Seasonals are disabled ingame so you can now join all clanchats, the seasonals ended with Foreign Forces as #1 and Ratlords as #2.
A SRI will conclude who will grab the cash prize of $1000, more information will follow later on about the date and match details.


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