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14 Aug 2017

I'm back from holiday! Expect many updates from now on, leave your suggestions or the bugs you have experienced on the forums!

  • The Bounty Hunter interface will be shown within Edgeville.
  • Bounty Hunter wait timer is now 120 seconds after a leave or newly achieved 60%+ Earning Potential. (FYI: After 60% EP you are able to attain a target)
  • After leaving your target you will now lose 15% Earning Potential.
  • You can no longer fish whilst getting attacked or attacking a player.
  • Cooking gauntlets now have a proper risk protection value.
  • Arcane now protects over Armadyl godsword.
  • The reset skills command for staff members have been patched.
21-07-17: Resource arena, supplies & skilling
21 Jul 2017

The price and quantity of supplies have been adjusted in order to motivate skillers to skill to make money

  • Dark crabs price: 10k - Quantity: 15K
  • Anglerfish price: 50k - Quantity: 15K
  • Super combat price: 30k - Quantity: 5K
  • Stamina pot price: 10k - Quantity: 5K
  • Anti-venom+ price: 20k - Quantity: 7.5K

The restock rate for shop items has been increased from 12 to 30 seconds to create a trading platform for supplies.
Resource Area
Upon using cooking gauntlets within Resource Area it automaticly cooks the caught fish, besides this gauntlets can also be used to cook better.
Also the Resource Area grants two fishes instead of one upon a catch. Use the banker at the Resource Area to bank your caught fish for a small fee.
After a quick test I found out that 1000 Anglers can be caught within 27 minutes in the Resource Area if you have 99 fishing. Upon using cooking gauntlets which can be bought through the skilling store these Anglerfishes are also auto-cooked.
Misc. updates

  • The command ::ragrules has been added.
  • The command ::resetstats has been added against skill botters.
  • Patched yell from not being seen in deep wilderness if your osrs chat is turned off
Clan Seasonals: Season 1 has started
14 Jul 2017

The Clan Seasonals has officially started - July 15th


You have 4 weeks to reach the highest ELO you can get, after this period #2 and #3 on the ranking list will have 1 week to submit a video showing off their highlights this season.

Afterwards a winner amongst those 2 will be picked and the winner of that will face-off in a SRI against #1.


The winner of the SRI will win $1000.


After this is done there will be a 2 week cooldown period, after those 2 weeks a new season will start again.

Best of luck to all the teams participating.



  • When the pre-season starts(one week before the season) you have 7 days to invite people, after this you can no longer invite people into your clan.
  • If you DON'T have 7 or more members when the season startsr you may not compete that season.
  • After getting kicked from your clan or leaving your clan AND the invite period is over you cannot compete in that season.
  • Any abuse such as faking kills, boosting/suiciding, fake account making to join a clan and suiciding or multi-logging within a clan will result in an ELO penalty or a complete disqualification for that season.
  • Every kill or death on someone from another approved Clan will grant you a certain amount of ELO based on your opponents ELO. If your ELO is significantly higher than your opponents you will receive less ELO than if it were someone with similar ELO. The more members you have the more ELO you will win or lose upon a kill or death.
08-07-17: Clan Seasonals follow-up
08 Jul 2017

As we are nearing the start of the clan seasonals tournament, I've been working hard to make it go as fair as possible.
After discussing with a few clan leaders I came up with the decision to put the minimum cap of members at 7 members.
I have also made it so you cannot join or get approved after the invitational period ends, the invitational period for every seasonal will take 7 days untill the seasonals starts.


Start date of the official Clan Seasonals: Season 1 - 15th of July 22:00 UTC
Untill then it's a warm-up and all kills made do not count, at the start all kills will be reset and clan stats will be re-set to their original value.


To encourage clans to apply every single member they have and to go against the clans who keep their memberlist low to minimize deaths, I have made a few patches.
The ELO calculation upon a kill or death has been modified so that the amount of members you have in your clan has an effect on the amount you lose or win, the more members you have the more ELO you can lose or win.
To make the seasonals even more fair I made it so a member of a seasonals clan can only join his clans' clanchat, if you aren't a member of that clan you cannot join the clanchat either.




Misc. updates

  • One more Loco Toro (a Central Boss monster) has been added to a multi area north of ports which is located at level 52 in the Wilderness.
  • You can no longer spam teleport at mage arena lever.
  • Various bug fixes.

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