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Update 16-01-17: Potion decanter & lever stacking
Today 01:40 - By Loco Sanchez
21 replies
Largest HP Event yet - 120+ players
Yesterday 19:37 - By Ranqers
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Tommy's Staff Feedback!
Yesterday 22:25 - By Tommy
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Update 16-01-17: Potion decanter & lever stacking
Today, 01:40 AM

  • Added correct lever teleport handling, the lever now disallows teleports if it has been pulled and is down, once the lever is up again you can teleport.
  • Added potion decanter guy inside Edgeville Bank, just fully load your inventory with noted non-full potions, upon a click it will decant all your potions. (Thanks maxikek for the effort)
  • Redone red hp bar handling, it now correctly shows your HP even if you are below 4 hp and not 0, a red bar is also impossible now if your opponent or NPC isn't dead.
  • Improved spearing players against walls or non-walkable tiles, it will now properly stop instead of (diagonally) walk to a different spot.
  • Altars cure poison now too besides health and prayer.
  • It now properly faces the lever & web upon activating it (added object facing)
  • You don't need to walk after getting a dice challenge to be able to right-click your opponent.
  • You aren't able to walk on water now by planting mithril seeds.
  • Fixed a big bug related to logging in, it would sometimes say that you were already logged in.

Decanter - tomorrow morning:

Support for stamina & venom potions

Update 14-01-17: Account pins
14 Jan 2017

Lately I have noticed alot of players getting hacked due to them using old passwords they used on servers who had their database leaked.
I'm not bringing up any names but a big portion of the PK Servers out there have deals with *****source.com for sharing account passwords.


Therefore I had to do something to stop this and this is what I came up with.


Account pins, also known as bank pin.
Now bank pins are also used for the safety of your whole account upon logging in.
This only happens if the connection that has been made is unknown and you have never logged in with.
The account will be prompted with the bank pin interface and upon a fail it will be automaticly logged out plus blocked upon login for 5 minutes.
During the bank pin interface stage your account is invisible, won't be able to do anything, see anyone nor will anyone be able to see you plus no one can attack you.


The benefits of the new account pin(bank pin):

  • Hackers won't be able to do anything without knowing your account pin.
  • You won't be repeatedly prompted your bank pin stage if the connection is made from a known connection.


Now it's literally impossible to get hacked if your hacker doesn't know your bank pin.
I still advise everyone to use an unique password and make a bank pin before it's too late!


Miscellaneous updates:

  • Slayer tasks have been revamped, less Venenatis, Callisto and Ve'tion.
  • Resetting your bank pin through the forums has been removed and you will now be redirected to a support ticket.
Update 13-01-17: Flower Poker & Skilling changes
13 Jan 2017

Normal players can now also plant seeds, although ranked Flower Poker players are the most trusted AND should be used as middle man.


Flower Poker rules

  • No video proof is gambling completely at your own risk
  • A scam report without a video proof is declined automaticly.
  • A scam report with video proof will result with an account wipe for the scammer.
  • Only one staff member may be at the ::gamble zone.


  • Flowers and Mithril seeds are now unspawnable, you can get mithril seeds through the PK store.
  • Fishing and hebrlore skilling experience extreme buff,
  • Decreased prices of herblore supplies in the Skilling store.
  • Small decrease in maxhit of dragon claws.
  • Maxhit buff for Heavy Ballista special from 76 to 81 according to 07 and from 60 to 65 for a normal hit.

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